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Monday, February 21, 2011

Speak Your Mind! More Than Just Make Up Talk

For those out there that are creative spirits and just love thinking outside the box, Im sure you have more on your mind then just make up and entertainment news on a day to day basis, because I know I sure do. So with that in mind, I got to thinking, why not have a weekly schedule of topics for people to vent. I don't know about you all, but the best STRESS RELIEVER for me is venting via writing for me, it keeps me sane, and keeps me from causing bodily harm to those weirdo's of the world that I believe are put in your life just to push your buttons, lol. So here's the plan, listed below will be the topics for each day of the week mon-friday, and you all just chime in and say whats your mind, its just that simple!

Monday- Make It happen Mondays (business professionals, talk about what works for them in their business, what customers/clients appreciate)

Tuesday-Talk About It Tuesdays (Who or what makes you happy, who or what makes you mad)

Wednesday-Why we do it Wednesdays (All professionals, whether your a make up artist, hairstylist, teacher, doctor, actor, comedian, dj, etc let your clients/patients/students/fans, know why they are important, and why you chose the profession your in, (customer appreciation blog).

Thursday-Turned Up Thursdays (Whats your favorite song, what song comes on, and no matter where your at, you have to turn it up, and do a little dance?)

Friday-F off Fridays (Who has pissed you off for the week) Let it out! Relax relate release!(Vent Day)

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