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Wednesday, April 21, 2010




It’s about color, it’s about variety, it’s about time, for a full line of cosmetics that supports every skin tone, skin type, every shade, and every personality. As the seasons change so do colors. Spring is all about vibrant bold colors. Ladies with darker skin tones, don’t be afraid to wear bright yellows, oranges, purples, pinks etc. As long as you’re using professional products and good brushes, you need not shy away from color. A lot of ladies are afraid of wearing bright bold colors for some of the following reasons; 1) They are afraid of looking clownish, 2)Some are just afraid of color in general, thinking that color is just not the way to go for them, and 3) Some just don’t think it will look good on them. Well ladies, its time to put all of that to rest, now! Ladies, you can wear any color you want as long as it’s applied properly and blended well. Ladies being aftraid of color is not the answer, if you want to have the all eyes on you look, and beautiful colors that complement you, fret no more, that’s what cosmetic stores and counters are for. I have ran into a lot of consumers that choose to get their products from beauty supply stores, grocery stores etc. because they don’t see the value in coming to a make up counter and some just don’t believe make up counters are affordable. Well its time to lay that to rest, if you want a quality look you need quality products as well as quality service, not to say that products that are sold in beauty supply stores, convieniant strores etc, are bad, because they also have some good products as well, but the major benefit of coming to a cosmetic store is being able to try the products before you purchase them, as well as getting expert advice and techniques from the professional applying the products to you . There are a lot of great cosmetic lines out there so your only challenge is to find the cosmetic line that you like and that works for you. Some consumers say that they don’t think that cosmetic stores/counters are affordable, I must admit some are higher than others, however there are a lot of fabulous cosmetic lines out there that are very affordable, but in the same breath you get what you pay for, don’t be afraid to spend that extra $2.00 if its going to make you look and feel good, why not your worth it!
Most make up consumers have tons of make up and brushes at home, but have no idea what to do with it once they leave the make up counter. Cosmetic stores/counters were designed to make all consumers look their best even if they are not able to come to a professional every day. Most cosmetic stores that value their consumers allow the Consumer the opportunity to be capable of recreating whatever look given to them by the staff while in the store, because they do not want you to leave the store without full knowledge of how to apply your purchase correctly. The rut most consumers get in, is purchasing products they do not know how to use. We make it appoint to make sure you’re capable of using each and every product you purchase, we insure you’re happy with your product before you leave and know how to use it. Professionals are not here to just sale a product, we are here to educate you on the products and to make sure you feel gorgeous at all times. So ladies kick your spring in to gear, go get your favorite shades of color so while your soaking up the sun you can be kissed in every shade!

Information about Kissable Lips Cosmetics listed Below
:Kissable Lips Cosmetics offers make up classes and make up parties with a 10 person minimum, as well as offering make up DVD’s for that women that’s on the go.
This company plans to keep going an growing and always providing the best service and the latest best cosmetics this world has to offer. Franchise opportunities are available.

If your interested in ordering products from Kissable Lips Cosmetics or booking a make up class, please visit www.kissablelipscosmetics.com or visit the store:
7563 Hwy 85 Riverdale Ga 30274 770)909-9484