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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drug Store Make Up Vs. Make Up Store/Counter Make Up

Many times I get the question, what is so important about where you purchase your make up, drug store/beauty supply verses make up counters and make up stores?Well the answer is quite simple, quality as well as being a guaranteed satisfied customer upon leaving the store is your answer. Now not to say that its taboo to purchase cosmetics at your local drug store or beauty supply store or where ever you like to purchase your make up, however what I am saying is you receive quality make up and service when you visit a make up counter or make up store designed specifically with the make up customer in mind. In many cases, I have women that say they have tons of make up that they just do not use, these cases happen mostly because they are not able to try the product before purchasing and are not taught how to apply the product properly.Every woman wants to feel and look their best, so why not take a little time out for yourself and get pampered and visit a make up counter or store for your next make up purchase. You will know whether you like the product or not before you purchase the product, and if you are a make up counter that specializes in make up artistry, you will be taught how to apply and use your products. Ladies, its time to step your game up, stop wasting money in hopes that you'll like your purchase once you get home without being able to try the product before hand.Also, the cheap route is not always best, now there are some products out there that are not extremely expensive that have a pretty good quality to them, however, quality is key, so keep in mind you get what you pay for. With that being said,treat yourself to a pamper day if not once a week at least once a month and learn how to look and feel great on a regular basis.


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