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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Each day, I see females struggle with their make up, trying to master the professional look that make up artist provide, without having to visit a make up counter 7 days a week. Well the answer is simple, BRUSHES!Learning how to use the proper brushes to achieve that flawless look every woman desires is vital. Now in my experience as a make up artist, I find the question most ladies have is how to properly apply their foundation and eyeshadow. When applying foundation, I find that you achieve a much more flawless look, when you use a combination of make up wedges/sponges, and a dome brush or foundation brush, depending on the type of foundation you are applying. If you are applying a cream foundation, using a make up wedge will help conceal any blemishes you may have if any, also if you are using a cream foundation, you will also be using a press powder/setting powder foundation on top to set your cream foundation. After applying your cream foundation, you will then use a dome brush to dust over your face completely setting your cream base foundation,using this combination, will help you achieve a flawless look. Next is your liquid foundation wearers, if you wear liquid foundation, a foundation brush is a must, use may also want to use the combination of a foundation brush with a make up wedge as well to keep the liquid foundation from looking streaked and uneven on your face. So with foundation applications, the following tools are needed: Dome brush, Foundation Brush,& Make Up Wedges. Now for your eyeshadow, eyeshadow can require you to use a variety of different brushes, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. If you are going for a simple eye, you can get away with using just two brushes, a flat shadow brush, and a fluffy shadow blender. The flat shadow brush allows you to pack on as much color as desired on your brush, once you apply your shadow of choice on your lid with your flat shadow brush, you then pick up your fluffy shadow blender brush and blend out, once that is complete you have a nice eye look. Now for more detailed eyeshadow wearers, several shadow brushes may be required, such as: the flat shadow brush, he fluffy shadow blender, the skinny eyeliner brush, the crease brush, and a highlighting brush. Now I know that some have heard using your fingers are a good way to blend, I however prefer the crisp look that the use of the correct brushes allow you to achieve.Now ladies, I know we can't all be make up artist, but we all can take baby steps in learning how to get the look you want and desire. For more information on what brushes to use, and how to use them, email all of your questions to : kissablelipsc@gmail.com, also subscribe to our youtube channel for more make up tips, and fabulous cosmetics: youtube.com/themakeupartist


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