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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why we do it Wednesdays

Wednesday-Why we do it Wednesdays (All professionals, whether your a make up artist, hairstylist, teacher, doctor, actor, comedian, dj, etc let your clients/patients/students/fans, know why they are important, and why you chose the profession your in.

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  1. Why I do it. I have always sketched pictures, and outfits from the tender age of like 6, and from that I started getting into colors and make up and have had a fascination of the arts and colors since the age of 13. Once I started dabbling in make up, I loved it, and I loved to see the reaction of the people I did make up on. They were always so excited and so pleased with the finished result, it became my passion. So in short, I do make up because I love the way it makes people feel, and I enjoy making people feel good inside and out.