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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Through out my many years as a make up artist and using various cosmetics for different photoshoots/videos/commercials, etc. I have found that most women are programmed and only know about one brand of cosmetics all over the world, and that is Mac, now it is definately okay to have your preference in make up or any product for that matter, but to only swear by one product is a bit ridiculous to say the least. As a make up artist I have tried any and every make up product I can get my hands on, and what I have found, is simple, make up is make up, most of all of the cosmetics manufactured contain the same ingredients, are applied the same, and look the same. Now there are a few exceptions, there are some products that you may be more partial to do to the consistency, vibrancy, and quality of the product. Quality in my opinion is not determined by the brand, it is determined by how the make up looks after the application of the actual product, and the wear of the product. Meaning just because mac sells a gloss and calls it the best gloss on earth does not make it so.As a make up artist I have every cosmetic line in my make up kit to appease the clients that only know of one product, however even with the favored brand in my kit, I use Kissable Lips Cosmetics more than any brand, and have more clients asking me about this product because they are falling in love with it. I also use Iman, alot of my clients ask me about that product as well, because they love the product. In short, I am saying do not limit yourself with finding out about new and exciting products. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BEING A TAG WHORE. My Definition of a Tag Whore-One who only gets excited if they feel they are wearing a name brand product. People its a new year, live learn and try out something NEW!You cannot determine if you like something unless you give it a try!

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  1. GREAT POST! Big cosmetic companies means BIG price tags and NO customer research as to what women of ALL colors want, just the majority. Even though the minority may be the repeat or high ticket buyers. I worked for Estee' for years and I know from personal experience, they push, relaunch, and repackage all their highend lines to liquidate them at MAC because they know "WE" will continue to buy their NEW collections every 2 wks. DON'T BE A FOOL!