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Friday, December 24, 2010


Time and time again, in the entertainment industry, most view the job as fun, which it is, however does this now mean that our artistry is not valued as a real job? When is asking for the hook up i.e. something for Free ever okay especially from someone you don't know. Okay, I know your sitting there asking yourself, what is she talking about. Well here it is, as a make up artist, I have come across alot of different types of people, ones who value the artistry of make up and understand the importance of a make up artist and then there are those, who look at our job as just something fun to do, not really a real career,as if we Play make up etc. well I for one am offended by that, or by anyone who thinks that artistry of any kind, whether it be music, singing, poetry, painting, is not a career. Creative minds put just as much effort,time, and dedication in their career, as a doctor,psychologist,astronaut,lawyer,or therapist. Artistry is not a hobby, we are just as passionate about our craft as anyone would be in any profession. Now to completely understand where I am coming from, here goes, time and time again, I receive calls from total strangers, asking for free services, such as if you do the make up for free, you will receive the pictures, well for one if I am apart of the production, I am owed the pictures. Also,alot of calls, asking for free make up services for charity, understand, I do not have a problem helping those in need nor those that I know, but complete strangers and charities I've never heard of in my life, why? Then you have the people that know you through a good friend, which makes them think that their some how entitled to some kind of discount, why would you think you are entitled to a freeby a hook up or any discount of any kind because your friends with someone I know, I don't know you personally so why would I lower my price or give you any kind of discount. I apologize for venting,but its time someone speaks up for all of the artist out there! THE BOTTOM LINE IS, RESPECT OUR CRAFT, THE SAME WAY WE RESPECT YOURS, WITH CASH, CREDIT CARD OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER. -THAT IS ALL.

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