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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kissable Lips Cosmetics VS MAC cosmetics

Aa a licensed professional make up artist, the number one question I get asked on a regular basis, is what type of make up do you use and why. As we all know there are millions of product lines out there, a lot of them Great, and some that are just okay. In all my years as a make up artist, I've tried almost every product there is on the market, and found that most are very similar. However through my experience, my personal preference is Kissable Lips Cosmetics. All of Kissable Lips Cosmetics products are water-based and hypoallergenic. Most of the products also contain Vitamin A and SPF15 for those with dry skin. A lot of my personal clients like to compare us to MAC because of the vibrancy of our colors. I know you may ask well what is the difference between Kissable Lips Cosmetics and other brands, well there are a couple of answers: 1) Kissable Lips Cosmetics is designed for everyday use, meaning it is not extremely heavy and does not contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that may be harmful to the skin.2)The products contain Vitamin A and SPF15 which protect the skin. 3)Kissable Lips Cosmetics also carries mineral products that are great for the skin.4) Each product contain vitamins which maintains your skins health and youthfulness.5)The products vibrancy and truth to its color is an added bonus, which allows you to preserve your product. With the colors being so vibrant and pigmented a little definitely goes a long way.Also the price is much more affordable than MAC. Mac has a lot of great products, however they are not the only brand in this world. For people that are really not make up experts Mac is there logical answer when it comes to make up, however what most fail to remember is, you have to try a product first to know if you like the product. Most women get so stuck on a particular brand and are afraid to step outside the box and try new things, make up is all about creativity and enhancing your natural beauty, so do not let one brand confine nor determine your beauty. Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Daring and try something NEW, who knows you just might like it!

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